Are you looking for a new job opportunity?

Dear job applicant from the Philippine Islands,


Welcome to Austria - we are glad to provide new job opportunities for you.



Please read the following pages and attachments very carefully and send us your questions via E-Mail, if there is anything you might not find. It is important for your job searching that you have all information available and understood.




The Austrian government signed this year a contract with Philippine government to offer many good paid job opportunities for Philippine people in over 100 industries, since big shortages occurred.


With high legal payments, full social insurance, 4-5 weeks of paid holidays per year, safe places and life in a mainly catholic country and region... we need 1000s of skilled and experienced service people.




Please check the required skills, education and experience :




Skilled workers requirements


We also recommend you to check your skills (the more the better) via the following points calculator from the Austrian Labor Services (AMS). 


You may see that without job related education and work experience your chance to get hired might be much smaller.



Points Calculator


You do not achieve the minimum of 55 points ? Talk to us, we can give you ideas, how to improve.



We will start this year with industry number 70 from the list of shortage (hospitality, hotel and restaurants, guesthouses,  service) with job opportunities like service, guest service, waiter / waitress, stewards, server, room service, catering, kitchen worker, cook, mate, kitchen help, bell boys, house keeping, shop floor and other professionals in hotel and restaurants.



But depending on your education and skills also commercial jobs at the reception, front desk, office, procurement, assistants, secretary and more would be available. 


Many hotels - also in our Austrian ski & winter tourism regions are waiting for you !





Let me introduce ourself!


We are a management consulting company from Austria with business in China and South East Asia. From our office in Hongkong we are also covering projects in other countries of the region. Our project manager Miss Reyes is also in the Philippines and Cambodia, and she speaks your language (Tagalog).


Due to the new shortage occupations and demand for skilled and experienced people we support the Austrian federal and local government, the labor market services (AMS) and the chamber of commerce together with the dedicated industry groups, which require many labor skills .


You can understand us as your first contact, hotline, support for your application and also those people who will pick you up at the airport in Austria after your arrival and guide you to your working place.




Where will you live ?


There is another reason, why we are starting with the Hotel industry first, because those employers can provide housing for staff - rooms or shared rooms for workers are available.


Next year we will start to support many other industries with more job opportunities for all of you.


For other industries and employers, which can not offer rooms or condos for employees, we from BLM will provide shared Appartments in Austria for you, starting 2024.





Application will be done via our consulting company BLM - Dr. Bernd Liebmann Marketing, who is supporting the hiring employer companies directly. Please understand us as your first contact for applications but also in case of questions. We will support you during the application, your trip to Austria, pick up at the airport and first contact in case of any problems in Austria.


Your Applications with your CV (resume) have to be sent to BLM - Dr. Bernd Liebmann Marketing

only via E-Mail to: or Miss Reyes in your region.


For your application the legal “Official Application Form is essential (klick here or see links below) and has to be signed in front of the government official at the pick up of the Red-white-red card (Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte) 


2024 we are also opening our office in Manila / Makati, where personal applications might be possible.

This year only applications vie E-Mail are possible.


Please note only applications via E-Mail will be accepted !



After receiving your CV for a first information we will invite you to a first video call /

interview via WhatsApp, Teams or Zoom.


All other details please find below and in the attachments.




With our best regards



Dr Bernd “Peter” Liebmann

Managing Director




Cester „Cessy“ Garcia Reyes

Project Manager

Philippines - Cambodia





Required documents (see and use also Checklist attached)


Colored Copy of Passport / ID


Photo, size 45x35mm (see criteria attached) 


CV / resume with education, job experience


Languages and certificates or diploma of language schools

(e.g. Cambridge, TELC, TOEFL, IELTS diploma): 

English / German / French / Spain


Proof on language schools


References, if available


Certificates / diploma of job related education 


Certificates of employment(s)


Proof of all certificates


School, high school, tertiary, university: 

Certificate of graduation

Proof of the status of the school or university


Medical test  (Blood, Chest X-ray, COVID-19 test, Pregnancy test) if required 


Travel & health Insurance for Austria (to be paid by employer)


Extract from police records / CRB criminal records bureau



—-> all documents to be sent via E-Mail to 




The “Official application form” has to be signed at pick up of Rot-Weiss-Rot card in front of the  authority official of the regional government in Austria!




Seminars required by your home government

(see and use also Checklist attached)




Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)


Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)


OEC via Philippine Embassy


Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)


Pre Employment Orientation Seminar  (PEOS)




Fees for those seminars will be covered / refunded by your employer




Links & Downloads for your application








Required Documents



(A) Download of your personal Checklist


Application Forms



Application for Red-white-red card (Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte)



Explanation how to fill



Visa Application






Your support contact 


Dr Bernd Liebmann (“Peter”)

Managing Director

BLM – Dr. Bernd Liebmann Marketing

Head Office: 

A-8020 Graz, Klopstockgasse 7

Austria / EU

Phone.: +43 664 166 9760 

WhatsApp: +43 664 166 9760 





IBAN: AT85 2011 1286 1110 6800


Tax Number / UID: ATU45843306



Cester (“Cessy”) Garcia Reyes

Project Manager Philippines - Cambodia

Mobile: +63 916 413 6293 

WhatsApp: +63 916 413 6293








BLM - Dr. Bernd Liebmann Marketing

Graz / Vienna / Hongkong

Business Consultant

Export Consultant